You’re charged with the awesome responsibility of keeping our world running smoothly. But inside the plant, it can get hot and stuffy. And if you’re not wearing the proper gear, keeping the lights on can get a lot more difficult.

Glacier Tek Cool Vests can help you handle these harsh temperatures. Powered by a renewable phase change material, these cooling vests will help keep you cool and comfortable for hours at a time, so you can focus on the important task at hand.

We offer a vest designed specifically for the nuclear industry: the Glacier Tek NuCool™ Vest. Manufactured from CoolTech material with Moisture Control System (MCS) Adaptive Technology, this vest provides improved thermal regulation – keeping the wearer drier and more comfortable in most types of environments. In addition, this material helps minimize radon adherence, and incorporates a carbon anti-static grid to minimize radon buildup. Learn More »

Ideal for work in power plants. We’ll help you find the vest that is right for you.
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Q. I would like to know if my Cool Vest includes GlacierPacks.
Q. Do I need to order the GlacierPacks or do they come with the vest when I place an order?
Q. Does the vest come with a set of GlacierPacks or are those purchased separately?
Q. Is it both front and back, or are the GlacierPacks only inserted on the front? How many sets does it come with? How many packs within a set?
Q. Do these vests have GlacierPacks on the backside also?

A. When you place an order for a GlacierTek Cool Vest Set you will receive the Cool Vest and GlacierPacks. With the GlacierPack Protect and GlacierPack Comfort, this is a set of four packs. Two are for the front of the vest and two for the back. The GlacierPack set for the Flex Vest includes 12 packs, six for the front and six for the back (the Flex Vest includes an additional 12-piece set of GlacierPacks). Disposable Cool Vests include a set of four GlacierPacks. Each of the four pieces consists of a tri-pack with three sections. The tri-packs load horizontally, two in the front and two in the back. Spare Cool pack sets are available for purchase and are good to have on hand for when you will need more than two hours of cooling at a time. The children’s and dog vest sets will include a set of two packs and the cool armor set includes one pack.

Q. Which cooling vest is right for me?
Q. What is the difference in the cooling vests you have?

A. This question can be answered by how you will be using the vest and your personal preference for type of material and color.

For a cotton blend vest without a zipper we have the white Concealable Cool Vest. For a cotton blend with a zipper take a look at the Original Cool Vest. See the Banox if FR is required and the High Vis if a bright visible color fabric is needed. The cotton type vests are recommended if you plan to wear the vest against the skin.

We also have our Classic Cool Vest, which is made of a PVC Coated Mesh material; this vest has the placement of the cool pack pockets on the outside of the vest (the other models have placement of the pockets on the inside) for quick replacement of the packs and the mesh can be wiped down and will air dry a bit faster than the cotton vests if wet. You most likely will not want to wear this vest directly against the skin.

The Sport Cool Vest is made of a Nylon material and features a zipper and additional Velcro located at the chest area.

The Flex Vest is made from a soft fabric and was designed to provide cooling comfort in unpleasantly warm conditions at home, the office or during light recreation. The vest is styled to look like everyday casual wear, with a GlacierPack set that tucks discreetly into specially designed pockets.

The Disposable Vest was developed to assist those providing aid during the Ebola crisis and was designed for limited use. When you’re finished wearing it, the vest can be easily disposed of in a common landfill. The packs that are included with the Disposable Vest can be sanitized and cleaned for future use.

The style and material of the vest is a personal preference but all models will work effectively.

Q. What is the Cool Armor?

A. Cool Armor is not a “vest” but a GlacierPack with a Holder that to be worn under body armor. This item does not attach to the body but attaches to the armor instead. It will be necessary to open the uniform shirt buttons and release one side of the body armor. The Cool Armor was designed to permit pack replacement without removing the body armor or uniform shirt. Once you have a bit of practice you can swap a pack out in 90 seconds.

Q. How do I clean my Glacier Tek Cool Vest?

A. Classic, Concealable, Original, Sport: Hand wash in cold water with mild soap. Line Dry. If Velcro® straps are closed, vest can also be machine-washed in cold water on delicate setting with mild detergent. Do not dry clean.
A. Original Cool Vest with Banox® Flame Retardant Fabric: Machine wash in hot water with detergent. Tumble dry on warm cycle. Do not bleach. Dry cleaning is safe.
A. Cool Armor, ChillyDog, ChillyPup: Hand wash in cold water. Line Dry. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean.
A. Flex: Machine wash in warm water on delicate setting with mild detergent. Line dry. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean.
A. Disposable Vest: Cannot be washed or dry-cleaned and should be disposed of after use(s).

Q. How do I clean GlacierPacks?

A. For all GlacierPacks, hand wash with warm water and dish soap; rinse and towel dry. In the event of contamination by bodily fluids, isopropyl alcohol may be used for disinfection first.

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