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Our End-of-Summer Sale is Available Now!

Save up to $40 on varieties of Banox, Sport, and Flex vest sets
Gellé vests are now available at the Glacier Tek store!

Production for the 2022 Season is underway, but we're making the inventory available immediately as we stock up.


No matter how extreme an environment is or how much energy a person exerts, the Phase Change Material in Glacier Tek’s cooling vests for Adults, Children, and Pets will remain at around 60 degrees to keep the wearer cool and comfortable. Our products will also keep you cool without weighing you down! You can use half of the packs in a set for the same temperature effect at a shorter duration, or use your full set for up to 2.5 hours of cooling.  

Glacier Tek’s PCM cooling packs are also capable of recharging more quickly than they are used up, which means that an additional pack set can help to keep your vest cold for an unlimited duration! Simply place your spare pack set in ice-cold water, a cooler or refrigeration unit – Glacier Tek packs will be recharged and ready to go when you are.

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