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Our End-of-Summer Sale is Available Now!

Save up to $40 on varieties of Banox, Sport, and Flex vest sets
Gellé vests are now available at the Glacier Tek store!

Production for the 2022 Season is underway, but we're making the inventory available immediately as we stock up.


Humans aren’t the only ones affected by heat; our canine companions appreciate staying cool as well! The Chilly Dog cooling vest provides relief on days where shade and water are not enough. The vest’s adjustable design allows it to fit a wide range of breeds, and the available sizes are based on weight – each size features the same vest but with different arrangements of packs, to help prevent dogs from carrying more than they should.

We’ve already done the work of making sure that size recommendations are based on your dog’s weight, and to be safe we’ve stuck to the minimum suggestion – 10% (or less). Some breeds and/or dogs in their prime can be more capable than others, so if you’d like to learn more about backpacks & vests for Dogs check out some of these great resources!

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