Cool Vest for Work

Many industrial environments subject workers to extreme heat. From manufacturing to mining and smelting, or even working in a hot warehouse all day, Glacier Tek cooling vests provide relief.

Up on a roof in the blazing sun all day? Working in an attic installing ductwork or laying insulation? We have a cooling vest model that is just right for you.

No matter what you're building, your body is building heat. Many manufacturing environments are not climate controlled. Heat is part of the job, but it does not have to be part of your life. Get a Glacier Tek cooling vest and beat the heat.

Oil & Gas
Among the most physically demanding of all jobs, oil and gas production exposes workers to extreme heat on a daily basis. Often there are not even basic facilities available to workers to cool off. A Glacier Tek cooling vest is just the thing to help you maintain a level head, keep comfortable, and retain some energy when you end your work day and head home to the family.

Product Details:

Glacier Tek cooling vests feature side elastic straps and over-the-shoulder adjustability to fit a wide range of body sizes and ensure your comfort. Our vests maintain a cool, constant 59°F/15°C temperature for up to 2½ hours, weigh less than 5 pounds and recharge in minutes. They are extremely durable and can be easily cleaned in regular laundry.

  • GlacierPacks quickly recharge in only 20 minutes in ice & water.
  • GlacierPacks may also be recharged in a refrigerator or freezer, basically anything cooler than 59°F/15°C.
  • Biobased PureTemp phase change material is a safe and natural alternative to the petroleum-based phase change materials on the market.