The Disposable® Cooling Vest is perfect for use with chemical suits, Tyvek protective suits and personal protective equipment. Disposable vest may be used more than once unless soiled or damaged. Cooling packs can be reused indefinitely. Includes one set of cooling packs and five disposable vests. The vest features reusable cooling packs that utilize 100% bio-based PureTemp phase change material, allowing the vest to carry the USDA BioPreferred® Certification.

Additional disposable vests are sold in sets of five. Spare cooling packs are also available.

Disposable Cool Vest at a glance

  • Recharge in just 20 minutes in ice and water, about an hour in the freezer or a few hours in the average refrigerator
  • Can be sanitized and reused indefinitely (Glacier Tek Cool Packs have been recharged 10,000 times in our lab with no measurable change in performance)
  • Contain no hazardous ingredients - can be safely disposed in a landfill