Frequently asked questions about Glacier Tek cooling vests


How are the GlacierPacks charged, and how long does it take to charge them?

GlacierPacks can be charged using a freezer, refrigerator or container of ice water - basically anything colder than 59° F. GlacierPacks can be charged in just 20­ to 30 minutes by submerging them in ice water until they become solid. They can be charged in a freezer in about an hour or in a refrigerator in several hours.

How long does the Cool Vest stay cool?

The GlacierPacks maintain a cool, constant 59° F (15° C) temperature for up to 2½ hours.

Do the GlacierPacks "sweat" or feel wet when used?

The GlacierPacks can produce some condensation, but this will be mostly absorbed by the vest itself.

If air is not passing directly over the vest, will it still cool effectively?

The Cool Vest uses phase change cooling packs and does not rely on air flow to work properly. It will cool effectively when worn under a jacket.


Which Cool Vest is right for me?

All models will work effectively. So the ideal vest for you is determined by your intended use and your personal preference for style, type of material and color. For detailed information, use our vest comparison feature. Here's a video overview of a variety of models.

What is included with the Cool Vest?

Every Glacier Tek cooling vest comes with a set of GlacierPacks and instructions for product care and use. Spare GlacierPacks are not included, but can be purchased here.

How many GlacierPacks are worn in the Cool Vest?

All Cool Vests (excluding the vests for dogs) have between two and six GlacierPack pockets in both the front and the back of the vest.

How durable are the cooling packs?

GlacierPacks can withstand pressure, so lying on them would not be a problem. However, you should use caution around any sharp objects. We do offer an accessory called the Glacier Tek Nail Stop set that you can purchase to further protect the packs from being punctured by sharp edges, tools, etc.

What are the dimensions of the Cool Vests?

Children's Cool Vest
13" across - sides are open and have Velcro and elastic for adjustability
11½" long from center of neck area to bottom seam (scoop neck design)
15" long from shoulder to bottom seam ­adjust to 16"
Chest size approximately 29" - 36"
Packs (set of two) are 9" x 7"
Vest shipping weight - 3 pounds

Concealable Cool Vest
14½" across from left to right when lying down - sides are open and have Velcro and elastic for adjustability
18" long from shoulder to bottom seam
15" long from center of neck area to bottom seam (scoop neck design)
Chest size approximately 32" - 44"
Packs (set of four) are 13" x 5"
Vest set shipping weight - 6 pounds

Classic Cool Vest
16" across from left to right when lying down - sides are open and have Velcro and elastic for adjustability
21" long from shoulder to bottom seam (rounded bottom design)
17" long from center of neck area to bottom seam (scoop neck design)
Chest size approximately 32" - 44"
Packs (set of four) are 13" x 5"
Vest set shipping weight - 6 pounds

Original Cool Vest
15" across from left to right when lying down - sides are open and have Velcro and elastic for adjustability
20" long from shoulder to waist
13½" at center from top of zipper to bottom seam (V-Neck design)
Chest size approximately 37" - 52"
Packs (set of four) are 13" x 5"
Vest set shipping weight - 6 pounds

Does the Cool Vest cover the sides of the torso?

For most vests, the sides of the vest are open to allow for free range of motion while wearing the vest. The Flex Vest has material extending down the side to the waist.

Where can I find safety information about my Cool Vest?

Glacier Tek Cool Vests are powered by PureTemp, a biobased phase change material that is nontoxic and biodegradable. The PureTemp 18 safety data sheet (SDS) can be downloaded here.


Which Cool Vest products will fit me?

Our adjustable adult vests will fit almost all adults. The Original, Sport, Disposable and Banox vests will fit up to a 52-inch chest. The Concealable and Classic vests will fit up to a 44-inch chest. The adjustable vests will fit a larger chest size if used with extenders. Although the vest may not cover the whole torso, as long as packs fall over the heart and lungs, the vest will cool the body effectively. Children's Cool Vests are effective for children who weigh between 30 and 90 pounds.

Flex Vests are available in several sizes for a more tailored fit. Size ranges vary by color. Be sure to check the size chart on the product listing page before you place your order.

Are the vests adjustable?

The Original, Sport, Disposable, Banox, Concealable, Classic, Children's and ChillyDog vests are all adjustable. The Flex Vest, which comes in several sizes, is not adjustable.

Does a Cool Vest fit under a mascot costume? A motorcycle jacket? A suit?

Each of our vests adds about an inch of thickness to both the front and back of the body, but the Flex Vest offers the snuggest fit.

Will the ChillyDog vest fit my dog?

The fit of the ChillyDog vest depends primarily on chest girth (the circumference around the largest part of the dog’s chest) and secondarily on length. The vest was designed to fit medium- to large-size breeds such as Golden Retrievers, Labs, German Shepherds and Malinois. Chest girth should fall between 28 inches and 46 inches. The ChillyDog Cool Vest will extend 9 inches behind the front legs. Your dog should be long enough between front and back leg to accommodate the vest while allowing room for the dog to relieve itself. The rear strap adjusts from 25 inches to 36 inches, and the yoke is adjustable.


Can the GlacierPacks be stored in a freezer?

If you do not plan to use your vest for a month or more, store the GlacierPacks in a refrigerator or at room temperature to maintain their long-term flexibility. Do not store the GlacierPacks in a freezer for more than a few weeks. Also, do not store the packs for more than a few hours in areas where temperatures can exceed 120 degrees F, such as motor vehicles and attics.

Can I keep a spare set of GlacierPacks cool without a freezer?

Once the GlacierPacks are charged, they can be stored in a cooler with an ice pack. They can also be charged on the go in 20 to 30 minutes using a trash bag filled with ice and water.

How do I clean my Cool Vest?

Classic, Concealable, Original, Sport: Hand wash in cold water with mild soap. Line dry. If Velcro® straps are closed, vest can also be machine-washed in cold water on delicate setting with mild detergent. Do not dry clean.

Original Cool Vest with Banox® Flame Retardant Fabric: Machine wash in hot water with detergent. Tumble dry on warm cycle. Do not bleach. Dry cleaning is safe.

Cool Armor, ChillyDog: Hand wash in cold water. Line dry. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean.

Flex Vest: Machine wash in warm water on delicate setting with mild detergent. Line dry. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean.

Disposable Vest: Cannot be washed or dry-cleaned and should be disposed of after use.

How do I clean my GlacierPacks?

All GlacierPacks can be hand-washed with warm water and dish soap. Rinse and towel dry. In the event of contamination by bodily fluids, isopropyl alcohol may be used for disinfection first.

How often do the GlacierPacks need to be replaced?

The material inside a GlacierPack never stops working. If the GlacierPack is not damaged by a puncture or a tear, it can be used indefinitely.

What should I do if a cooling pack is damaged?

Due care should be used to prevent damage to the product. Any cooling pack that becomes damaged or develops a leak should be removed from service immediately. Phase change materials have high flash points but can burn at a high enough temperature. Cooling vests should never be exposed to open flame or allowed to come into contact with any ignition source.


Where can I purchase a vest locally?

Our vests are not sold in stores. Please order on or call 1-800-482-0533 (U.S. and Canada) or 1-321-752-4130.

How quickly are orders processed?

Most orders are processed and shipped within one or two business days. You will be notified by email or telephone of any problems experienced in processing your order.

How do I cancel or change an order?

If you need to make any changes or cancel your order after you have sent it, call Customer Service at 1-800-482-0533. Please note that your order may begin processing immediately after you place it, and it may not be possible to change items on existing orders.

What if an item I want is out of stock?

We try our best to fill all orders within 48 hours. Sometimes despite our best planning, we underestimate demand and certain items are temporarily out of stock. We will let you know if an item is on back-order and will be delayed or if it is no longer available. We also reserve the right to limit quantities based on merchandise availability.

If we are temporarily out of stock, you can back-order an item by prepaying (including shipping). When the product is in stock, we will automatically ship it to you.

Does the Cool Vest come with a warranty?

Glacier Tek warrants its products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 90 days from the date of purchase, provided the products supplied have not been subject to accident, alteration, negligence, abuse or misuse. If you are not 100% satisfied with your Glacier Tek product, you can return it for a full refund within 90 days of purchase. For details, see our return policy.

Can I order replacement vest without the cooling packs?

Owners of a damaged or permanently soiled vest may wish to buy a replacement without incurring the cost of replacing the cooling packs. We are happy to accommodate. Please contact us for pricing.

Can the Cool Vest be returned?

If you are not 100% satisfied with your Glacier Tek product, you can return it for a full refund within 90 days of purchase. Returned products must be in the condition you received them, without signs of obvious wear and tear.  We'll pay for return shipping. Consult our return policy for details.


Which countries can Cool Vests be shipped to?

We are happy to arrange shipment for orders outside the United States excluding these countries and regions: Balkans, Belarus, Burma, Central African Republic, China, Congo, Crimea, Cuba, India, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Taiwan, Ukraine, Venezuela, Yemen and Zimbabwe. Exception: We ship to the U.S. military anywhere in the world and give it highest priority.

Why were the GlacierPacks white and solid when I received my order?

GlacierPacks may solidify in transit if the temperature is below 59° F. This does no harm to them, and the standard instructions can still be used to charge them for use.


Can the Cool Vest help me manage heat issues associated with medical conditions?

While we do not market our Cool Vests as medical products, they are used by many people who are affected by the heat because of a medical condition such as multiple sclerosis. A person with such a condition should consult a doctor before ordering or using a cooling vest.

Can a doctor prescribe a Cool Vest and will my insurance cover it?

Some insurance companies cover all or part of qualifying purchases of our cooling vests, classifying them as durable medical goods. We do not describe our product as a medical product and make no claims regarding its medical use. It is your responsibility to file with your insurance company if you wish to seek reimbursement for your purchase. Many customers have had success using the CPT code E1399, durable medical equipment.


What is Cool Armor?

Cool Armor is not a vest but a container for a GlacierPack that may be worn under body armor. The Cool Armor was designed to permit pack replacement without removing the body armor or uniform shirt.

What is a Nail Stop?

The Nail Stop is a piece of hard plastic that can be inserted into the pockets of certain Cool Vests to protect the cooling packs from roofing nails or any other sharp object you may come in contact with that could puncture the GlacierPack. Nail Stops are sold in sets of four.

What is an Extender?

The Extender can be used with certain Cool Vests to extend the straps and accommodate a larger torso.

Do you sell cooling products for the head or neck?

Based on our extensive research, products that only cool the head or neck can be ineffective and dangerous when not accompanied by core cooling. Cooling the neck and head may feel good for a short time, but may actually cause the core body temperature to rise even further. Here's why: the hypothalamus is responsible for regulating body temperature. When the neck and head are notably cool it will make adjustments to the body's systems responsible for dissipating heat. When the hypothalamus receives incorrect information in this way, its responses can be counterproductive and potentially dangerous.


Can I travel on an airline with my Cool Vest?

TSA agents will most likely not permit the vest to be carried aboard an aircraft, along with any container holding more than 3.4 ounces of liquid. The GlacierPacks must be checked. We recommend that you enclose the GlacierPacks in heavy-duty plastic bags to prevent damage from rough luggage handling. We recommend storing the Cool Vest with the GlacierPacks, along with a Glacier Tek brochure, so that any TSA personnel searching your luggage can see what it is. Contact us if you'd like a brochure. You may also want to call your airline to see if it has any additional information or recommendations.