Glacier Tek Booster Pack Set

Booster packs have a lower freezing point and 50 percent more cooling capacity than the small packs included in our standard set of adult cooling packs. The booster packs are designed to be paired with the standard large packs to extend the period of cooling comfort by 45 minutes or more. Because it replaces the standard small pack, there's no additional weight.

The booster packs feature horizontal cells that conform to your torso as you bend and stretch. The set consists of four small packs that weigh 7 ounces each. Because of their lower freezing point, they must be charged in a freezer. Standard packs may be charged in a freezer, refrigerator or ice water. Once all the packs are solid, slide one of the standard four-cell packs into each pocket of the vest. Then slide one of the three-cell booster packs in each pocket, on the outer side of the four-cell pack. You want the four-cell packs closer to your body; they hold a comfortable temperature of around 59 degrees F. The green booster packs are much colder; they're designed to keep the inner packs cool, but not cold, for longer periods. 

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Glacier Tek Booster Pack Set

Glacier Tek booster cooling packs can be sanitized and recharged indefinitely. The cooling material is 100% biodegradable and contains no petroleum or harmful chemical ingredients. The packs are designed to work with the new-style cooling packs that fit our Original, Classic, Concealable and Sports vests. [NOTE: The booster packs are not compatible with Glacier Tek cooling packs sold before July 2018. These include the Protect and Comfort packs.]

  • Features rounded corners for easy vest pocket loading and comfort
  • Full barrier that is hermetically sealed for easy cleaning, disinfecting or sterilization
  • The packs weigh 7 ounces each and measure 9.25" by 5.25" by 0.5."
  • Manufactured using the first PCM on the market that carries the USDA Certified BioPreferred label
  • Completely biodegradable and leaves no harmful residue in the environment
  • Contains no hazardous ingredients
  • Made from 100% bio-based phase change materials
  • Can be sanitized and reused indefinitely (Glacier Tek cooling packs have been recharged 10,000 times in Glacier Tek's lab with no measurable change in performance)
  • Made in the USA

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    Great addition

    Posted by Andy on 21st Feb 2019

    The new booster packs really do help with extending the length of time between recharges with the standard cooling packs. Keep in mind that you do need to recharge these in the freezer vs just ice water or fridge. If you have access to a freezer throughout the day - it would be an ideal setup because you will save time having to swap packs as often. I use these when working in the yard or if I know I won't need to swap packs through-out the day, but still would like to keep the cooling packs solid for a longer time.

    I especially like the new design with multiple cells in a single cooling pack. This is great if you are bending over, laying down, crawling through attics, etc. etc.

    The booster packs are really nice to allow you wear less standard packs and use the booster packs to keep the standard pack in "ice" form for longer. The idea is not to stay super cold, but rather to maintain a more stable temperature and not overheat. These definitely do the job for me!

    These packs are too tall for the flex-vest, but fit my sport vest wonderfully!

    Thank you guys for a great product and helping keep me cool!