Law Enforcement Cool Vest, green, with nontoxic cooling packs

Our law enforcement vests are designed to keep you cool during intense training exercises or out in the field. The cooling packs maintain a comfortable 59°F for up to 2.5 hours in 100°F. The vest is made of Taslan nylon, a lightweight but durable fabric engineered to look and feel like cotton. It is soft to the touch, breathable and wind- and water-resistant. The vest features three hook-and-loop areas for identification patches.

For added comfort, the eight cooling packs included with this vest feature horizontal cells that conform to your torso as you bend and stretch. The packs come in two sizes: 10.3 ounces and 7 ounces. For maximum cooling, insert a large and a small cooling pack into each pocket of the vest. For less demanding conditions, such as office use, you may lighten the vest by using a single large pack in each pocket. The packs have a hermetically sealed outer barrier film that can be cleaned and sterilized with ease.

SIZING: The adjustable vest weighs just under 5 pounds, including cooling packs, and will fit chest sizes between 29 inches and 52 inches. Extender sets are available for bigger chests.

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Law Enforcement Cool Vest, green, with nontoxic cooling packs
  • Includes one set of eight high-performance cooling packs (four large, four small)
  • Packs contain nontoxic phase change material that maintains a dry, comfortable 59°F for up to 2.5 hours in 100°F heat
  • Lightweight shell is soft, durable, breathable and wind- and water-resistant
  • Dry and clean, not soggy and soaking wet like evaporative products
  • Weighs less than 5 pounds with cooling packs
  • Self-contained, portable and unpowered - no cumbersome hoses, tubes or tethers
  • Made in the USA