Spare ChillyPup Cooling Pack Set

The Spare ChillyPup GlacierPacks are ideal for smaller dogs and puppies that need to stay cool, whether it’s on the job or while at play. The durable packs are made for the ChillyPup Cool Vest and help to ensure that your best friend is always cool and comfortable. Set consists of a pair of two-chambered packs.

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Spare ChillyPup Cooling Pack Set
The Spare ChillyPup GlacierPack set is designed to fit the ChillyPup Cool Vest with ease. When the packs that were included with your ChillyPup Cool Vest need recharging, simply replace with the spare set and provide your best friend with uninterrupted cooling comfort.
  • Designed specifically for the ChillyPup Cool Vest
  • Manufactured using the only PCM on the market that carries the USDA Certified BioPreferred label
  • Completely biodegradable and leaves no harmful residue in the environment
  • Contains no hazardous ingredients
  • Made from 100% bio-based phase change materials
  • Remains at a comfortably cool 59°F / 15°C when fully charged
  • Recharges in as little as 20 minutes in ice and water, about an hour in the freezer or a few hours in the average refrigerator
  • Can be sanitized and reused indefinitely (the Flex Vest GlacierPack has been recharged 10,000 times in Glacier Tek's lab with no measurable change in performance)
  • Made in the USA