Therapy GlacierPack Set

Glacier Tek’s new patent-pending Therapy GlacierPacks provide targeted cooling relief for bruises, muscle strains, headaches and more. Powered by PureTemp's flexible phase change cooling technology, the packs remain pliable when fully charged and can be reused indefinitely. 

The 64ºF coolant means the patent-pending packs can be used safely and effectively for longer periods than traditional ice packs or cold water immersion (CWI) treatments. In research conducted by the Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma, the packs have been shown to reduce strength loss after damaging exercise.

The set includes four 1.25-pound, 12x4-inch packs, two 5x5-inch packs, a mesh carrying bag and three rolls of self-adhering tape. The durable nylon packs can be recharged in a refrigerator in about two hours, or in ice water in less than an hour. 

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Therapy GlacierPack Set