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Celebrating 25 years of being COOL
Stay connected for our great classic products, and the developing and design in LOTS of new items in 2022!
'Tis the Season!

Happy Holidays to You from our team at Glacier Tek

Please enjoy savings of up to $40 on vest sets; Santa vests will return in 2022!

Prepare To Be Cool

with products designed to absorb the heat you generate

Cooling Since 1997

For more than two decades, Glacier Tek has been making high-tech cooling vests that help defend the wearer from heat stress in extreme environments. Our first product, the Original Cool Vest, was among the earliest completely self-contained body cooling vests on the market. Our satisfied repeat customers include Dow Chemical, General Electric, General Mills, Kaiser Permanente and the FBI.

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Glacier Tek Technology

Each of our cooling vests is powered by PureTemp, a USDA Certified BioPreferredⓇ phase change material. Unlike typical ice vests, our GlacierPacks maintain a safe temperature of 59℉ for up to 2.5 hours while being completely free of hazardous ingredients. If you’ve been looking for a way to stay comfortably cool without bulky ice packs that leave damp spots, Glacier Tek has the cooling vest for you.

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Wearing a heavy fleece mascot suit in the heat and humidity of Alabama summer is dangerous business. Glacier Tek’s cooling vest is ESSENTIAL to keeping our mascot, Dr. Wags, safe from heat exhaustion.

MainStreet Family Urgent Care

Birmingham, Ala.

I have used my vest now for about 30 outings in 95-plus-degree heat and can attest the cooling properties live up to the specifications. Even on one 108-degree day, the phase change material lasted over an hour.

Dr. Charles Bell


Virginia, USA

I have the Original Cool Vest for motorcycling through hot weather. It works great! … Keeps me comfortable even with my motorcycle jacket on.

Daniel Skapinsky

San Jose, Calif.


Glacier Tek is a proud partner of PureTemp and the Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma.


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Want to learn more about Glacier Tek cooling vests and GlacierPacks, our biobased phase-change packs by PureTemp? Check out the most frequently asked questions we get.

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