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A New Standard of Rest & Relaxation


Our Oasis cooling mat is designed to keep people comfortable for extended periods in hot conditions.

Using patented PCM technology an Oasis Mat absorbs the guest's body heat, allowing for a more pleasant experience under the sun.

The PCM micro-encapsulation process creates "dippin dots" similar to a beanbag chair instead of a solid block or gel, preventing the Oasis Mat from becoming inflexible and uncomfortable.

 The mat ensures guest comfort in a variety of settings - from poolside recliners and golf carts, to concerts and sport events.


Our Stadium Pad is a smaller-format cooling cushion that can be applied similarly to the Oasis Mat.

A Stadium Pad performs the same as the mat with using micro-encapsulation technology which prevents the PCM from becoming inflexible and uncomfortable.

Its lightweight design is versatile and an ideal option for any hot seat - on ATV's, boats, and beyond!

Benefits to Your Guests

  • Extends time for guest enjoyment of amenities

  • Adds a cooling component to services and/or self-care moments

  • Ease effects of heat-related effects and illness

  • Next-level service feature as a resource for guests with heat-related conditions such as MS

    • Authorities such as the National MS Society explicitly recommend Glacier Tek products for guests who are travelling with heat-related conditions.

Benefits to Your Business

  • Generate incremental revenue via:

    • Retail sales
    • Rental sales
    • Cabana offerings
    • Gift shop sales
  • Added Value to Services

    • Massage add-on
    • Luxury Seating
  • B2B Discounts Available


  • Hotel Cabana Offering
  • Poolside/Sunbathing
  • Beaching
  • Sport Events
  • Concerts
  • Workout Recovery
  • Golf Carts
  • Heat-Illness Relief
  • Medical Tent/Emergency Care