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Hospitals & Medical Professionals

For Healthcare Providers, staying cool on the job isn't simply a matter of comfort - it is a key driver of success!

Overheating is an all-too-common adversary for many Healthcare professionals. Surgeons, nurses, physicians, assistants, and even patients can all be affected by heat stress: a condition that saps energy, clouds judgment and affects patient outcomes.

In addition to the standard consideration of overheating, we've learned that this problem is often exacerbated in many Healthcare settings by factors such as:

  • Lack of a reliable solution for keeping the patient environment cool 
  • Alternatively, requiring entire rooms to be kept at uncomfortably low temperatures - especially for extended procedures
  • Featuring outdoor testing or other non-traditional staging areas 

Glacier Tek’s cooling vests are an efficient solution for providing ideal working conditions.
More importantly perhaps - they do so in a precise and reliable manner:

  • Staging and storing the vests is remarkably easy, a primary consideration in the limited storage/operating capacity of most Hospitals.
    • Further information regarding these processes, best practices, etc are available in the dropdown section at the bottom of this page

  • Our Flex Vests in Blue are specifically designed to imitate standard scrubs
    • Blue Flex Vests include a color-coded collar liner that makes identifying vest sizes quick & convenient. 

Glacier Tek is committed to supporting Medical Personnel/Facilities with our best service:

  • Glacier Tek provides a standing discount for all Medical Service Providers
    • Please contact us directly or submit a PO (rather than purchasing at to ensure this discount is applied
  • Orders for Medical Personnel/Facilities are fulfilled as soon as possible - ensuring delivery within days, not weeks.
  • Sample vests are available as needed, please contact us to request information and/or sample materials

Efficient Staging & Deployment

Out of sight and out of mind - until you need it: our biobased phase change cooling packs can be recharged in just 20 minutes when submerged in ice cold water, easily staged in a sink or cooler, and then provide up to 2.5 hours of cooling relief.

Keep it Clean

Disposable Vest Sets utilize reusable cooling packs with a vest that can be discarded after each use. Flex Vests, as well as all of our reusable cooling packs, can be wiped down with the standard "Purple Top" sani-wipes used in Healthcare facilities.

More Details Available Below Product Collection

For more information regarding Best Practices, Care & Use, Deployment, and other details relevant specifically to Medical Environments - please check out the dropdown information located near the bottom of the page, just underneath the collection of products below.

Can Glacier Tek vests be worn under PPE and other outerwear?

Yes! Each of our vests adds about an inch of thickness to both the front and back of the body, and therefore can be worn under PPE and outerwear that isn't too tight on the body already. Our Flex Vest offers the snuggest fit for a form-fitting cooling vest, ideal for use under PPE.

Which vest is suggested for medical and surgical use?

While any Glacier Tek vest is viable for use by Healthcare professionals, many have preferred the Flex Vest set. The Flex vest style is fitted, featured in sizes S - 3XL, and provides the "leanest" fit of our available cooling vests.

The Disposable Vest Set offers a cleanliness-focused solution that allows vests to be disposed of while the cooling packs are reused. Disposable vests are capable of being used several times if necessary, remaining practical for use until they are soiled or damaged.

Sports vests have remained an ideal cooling solution for general work - and is most often requested by maintenance and support staff in Healthcare facilities. Our most popular vest style is perfect for supporting a variety of users with its adjustable fit, and is suitable for a wide range of work.

Which size vest is right for users?

The ideal vest is determined by your intended use and personal preference for style, type of material and color. Our adjustable adult vests will fit almost all adults, and extender sets are available (for adjustable vests only) that add 6 inches of width to the vest's original measurement.

  • Flex and Disposable vests will fit up to a 52-inch chest, but are not compatible with extenders
  • Original, Sport, and Banox vests will fit up to a 52-inch chest, and are compatible with extenders
  • Concealable and Classic vests will fit up to a 44-inch chest, and are compatible with extenders

Even if a vest does not cover the whole torso, the vest will cool the body effectively as long as the packs fall over the heart and lungs

Preferred methods for storing cooling packs and vests

Cooling pack sets are typically stored via one of two methods in Healthcare Facilities:

  • Stored directly within a refrigeration unit that keeps them prepped for immediate use
  • Stored within a dry storage space
    • For quick staging of packs from dry storage: prep a sink with water and ice, then submerge cooling packs for 20 minutes to charge

Cooling vests can be stored as you see fit. We typically see that Hospitals have preferred to station them near available scrubs in changing areas, or will feature the cooling vests in a separate storage area.

Efficient deployment/staging of cooling packs

A cooling vest equipped with a cooling pack set can provide up to 2.5 hours of cooling, and can provide continuous cooling when supported by an additional (charged) spare pack set that is implemented in a rotation - allowing the spare set to recharge during its downtime.
Therefore, the best practices for staging cooling packs are determined by the staff member's intended use:

  • For single-use cooling in any environment
    • Remove cooling vest and cooling packs from dry or cold storage
      • If necessary, (re)charge the cooling packs rapidly by placing them in an available container (sink, cooler) of ice and water
    • Apply cooling vest with cooling packs to user for up to 2.5 hours of cooling

  • For continuous cooling in an openly-accessible environment
    • Determine suitable area(s) for storing and (re)charging cooling packs
      • A refridgeration unit will recharge packs in 2-3 hours
      • A freezer unit will recharge packs in 1 hour
      • An available container (sink, cooler) with ice and cold water will recharge cooling packs within 20 minutes
    • Vest users should be able to access the recharging area, and rotate pack sets as necessary to remain cool
      • Place depleted cooling packs back into their designated recharging container

  • For continuous cooling in a closed/secure working environment (ex: surgery rooms, extended procedures)
    • Within the immediate area, prep an available container (sink, cooler) with ice and cold water
    • Submerge spare pack set in said container to charge them for use
    • Apply cooling vest with charged pack set to user in secure environment
      • When the initial pack set's charge is depleted, remove cooling packs from vest.
      • Exchange depleted packs for fully-charged packs located within the container
      • Place the depleted packs into the container to recharge them, repeat as necessary

Common procedures for cleaning cooling packs and vests

Cooling pack care is relatively straightforward - they can be washed effectively with dish soap and water, or wiped down with the "Purple Top" sani-wipes that are common throughout the Healthcare industry.

Cooling vest care can be managed in a variety of ways:

  • "Spot" cleaning can be done with an application of soap and warm water, or use of "Purple Top" sani-wipes.
  • Vests can be hand-washed with typical laundry soaps
  • Casual/Household-strength laundry machines can wash & dry cooling vests on the delicate setting
  • Industrial-strength laundering
    • Industrial-strength laundry processes have not shown significant wear upon standard vest designs like the Sport or Banox style
    • The Flex Vest does not reliably handle the intense heat of industrial-strength laundry machines
      • It is recommended that Flex vests be allowed to tumble/air dry if a reliable alternative is not available

Where can I purchase a medical cooling vest locally?

Our vests are not sold in stores, please use our online stores for your purchase. 

How quickly are orders processed?

Most orders are processed and shipped within one or two business days. Our Storefront will send out an automated email with tracking information when your order is shipped.

How do I change or cancel an order?

If you need to make any changes or cancel your order after it has been sent, please call Customer Service at (800) 482-0533. Please note that your order may begin processing immediately after you place it, and it may not be possible to change items on existing orders.

What if an item I want is out of stock?

We try our best to fill all orders within 48 hours. Sometimes, despite our best planning, we underestimate demand and certain items are temporarily out of stock. We will let you know if an item is on back-order and will be delayed or if it is no longer available. We reserve the right to limit quantities based on merchandise availability.

If we are temporarily out of stock, you can back-order an item by prepaying (including shipping). When the product is in stock, we will automatically ship it to you.

Can I order a replacement vest without the cooling packs?

Owners of a damaged or permanently soiled vest may wish to buy a replacement without incurring the cost of replacing the cooling packs. We are happy to accommodate. Please contact us for pricing.

Do Glacier Tek Cool Vests come with a warranty?

Glacier Tek warrants its products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 90 days from the date of purchase, provided the products supplied have not been subject to accident, alteration, negligence, abuse or misuse. If you are not 100% satisfied with your Glacier Tek product, you can return it for a full refund within 90 days of purchase. For details, see our return policy.

Can the Cool Vest be returned?

If you are not 100% satisfied with your Glacier Tek product, you can return it for a full refund within 90 days of purchase. Returned products must be in the condition you received them, without signs of obvious wear and tear. We’ll pay for return shipping. Please see our return policy for details.

Fulfillment Location:

Glacier Tek ships its products from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Expedited Shipping:

Orders can be fulfilled at any available UPS or FedEx service levels.

Shipping via Customer's UPS/FedEx Account:

We are happy to fulfill any order via your own UPS/FedEx shipping account. Please provide an account # and your billing zip code.

How quickly are orders processed?

Most orders are processed and shipped within one or two business days. Our Storefront will send out an automated email with tracking information when your order is shipped.

Which countries can Cool Vests be shipped to?

We are happy to arrange shipment for orders outside the United States excluding these countries and regions: Balkans, Belarus, Burma, Central African Republic, China, Congo, Crimea, Cuba, India, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Taiwan, Ukraine, Venezuela, Yemen and Zimbabwe.

We ship to all U.S. military locations anywhere in the world and give these orders the highest priority.

Why were the GlacierPacks white and solid when I received my order?

GlacierPacks may solidify in transit if the temperature is below 59℉. This does no harm to them, and the standard instructions can still be used to charge them for use.