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Sport Vest Set Bundle with Booster Pack Set


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Lightweight and Customizable

Take advantage of Glacier Tek's unique, adaptable pack designs! Cut the weight of your vest in half by using one cooling pack per pocket instead of two, or add additional cooling coverage with a Over-the-Shoulder Cooling Kit or Side Cooling Kit

Easy to Clean

GlacierPacks can be hand-washed with warm water and dish soap. If desired, isopropyl alcohol may be used for disinfection. Rinse and towel dry before use.

Sports vests can be washed by hand and line-dried, or by machine on a delicate wash cycle with a tumble dry.

Adustable Fit for Sizes S-3XL

The Sports vest comes in one size, with side and shoulder straps that can be adjusted to fit most adults. Vests will accomodate standard sizes S-XL, and can accomodate up to 3XL with the addition of a Extender Set or Side Cooling Kit (Extended)

The following items are included in a Sport Vest Bundle with Booster Pack Set:

Product Materials:

  • The Sport vest is made with 100% nylon fabric that is extremely flexible and can absorb condensation
  • Cooling packs contain a non-hazardous and bio-degradable PCM, the Safety Data Sheet can be found here

Product Measurements:

  • The standard Sport vest (without any accessories) is designed to fit sizes S-XL
    • Minimum torso size: 30"
    • Maximum torso size: 46"
  • The Sport vest fitted with a Sports Vest Extender Set or Side Cooling Kit (Extended)can fit sizes up to 3XL
    • Maximum torso size: 58"
  • 3-cell cooling packs measure 8.75" x 5.25" x 0.5"
  • 4-cell cooling packs measure 11.25" x 5.25" x 0.5"

Product Weights:

  • Vest weighs approximately 0.5 lbs without cooling packs
  • 7 oz per 3-cell cooling pack
  • 10.3 oz per 4-cell cooling pack
  • 4.8 lbs total product weight

Prepared to be cool? You've come to the right place - the Sports vest set is by far and away the most popular of Glacier Tek's cooling vests.

A heavy duty front zipper, dual side straps and over-the-shoulder adjustability all work together to ensure the best fit possible while also allowing the greatest freedom of movement. For added comfort and flexibility, the eight cooling packs included with this vest feature horizontal cells that conform to your torso as you bend and stretch.

For the standard cooling effect, insert a large and a small cooling pack into each inside pocket of your vest. For shorter durations or less demanding conditions, you may lighten the vest by using a single (large) pack in each pocket.

  • Additional Product Features
    • Cooling Packs recharge within 30 minutes when placed directly in ice water; 1-2 hours in a freezer or refridgerator
    • Dry and clean, materials are not soggy and soaking wet like evaporative products
    • Maintains a comfortable 59°F / 15°C, none of the dangerous freezing temperatures that ice-powered vests produce

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Summer V.
Bought as a gift

Item works great at keeping my father cool in the heat. Highly satisfied.

Robert Wilkie

Great when 90 and 90 per cent humidity!

Nancy Johnson

I bought this vest for my husband.He loves it.We live in Florida it’s HOT! Most days in summer the heat index is in the high nineties or low 100s.with terrible humidity.He walks our dog four or five times a day.This vest makes it bearable to walk in this heat.

A great update

We bought classic cool vests twenty years ago, but with the recent heat dome we decided to get modern. The new vests are lighter, more flexible and wonderfully comfortable. Their cooling power seems to have been upgraded which is great. Our vests get a lot of use: working in the garden, outdoor parties, hot day hikes and so on. We're recreational users. It's great not getting overheated. Even in the Pacific Northwest, we have hot days and we'll likely have more in the future, so we're glad to have cooling vests keeping up with the times.

Love This!

I have a medical condition in which it is difficult to regulate my body temperature. I'm often hot and cannot cool down once hot. This vest is a life saver! I feel like I can resume normal summer life with this - I can go to restaurant patios, hike, visit coffeeshops, go to outdoor events, etc. It's amazing!

The ice packs are wonderful, not too harsh and seem to slowly cool.

Now - I just need to save up some money to get the dog cooling vest for my service dog! It will be perfect for him! And we can match!