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Save 10% on your order by uising the coupon code SUMMER2021 at checkout!

About Glacier Tek

Since 1997, Glacier Tek has been at the forefront of designing innovative vests that would utilize PCM technology to fight heat stress and reduce the negative effects of extreme environments. Our first product, the Original Cool Vest, was among the earliest self-contained body cooling vests that were available on the market and helped set the industry’s standard for high-quality cooling vest products. Satisfied users of Glacier Tek products include Dow Chemical, General Electric, General Mills, Kaiser Permanente, the FBI, and the National MS Society

The PCM packs in Glacier Tek vests will produce a consistent cooling effect at 59 degrees even in the most extreme heat, for up to 2.5 hours at a time. Because our vests feature PureTemp phase change material, a biobased technology designed to absorb heat generated by the wearer – our vest will keep you cool for longer without ever overcooling or risking frostbite/freezing temps. This is why the Glacier Tek vest design offers better safety and comfort than evaporative, ice or gel-cooled vests.


Ready to find the Glacier Tek cooling vest that works for your needs? With our wide range of vest cooling systems for adults, children, dogs and horses, we’re sure to have a solution.

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