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About Our Cooling Technology

Glacier Tek’s vest cooling system is designed to help keep your body cool and comfortable even in the hottest and harshest environments by bringing your core temperature down. Typically, when your internal temperature rises, the body cools itself in two ways: by carrying the core heat towards the skin’s surface via the circulatory system where it’s removed as cooler air passes over the skin—also known as convective cooling—or through perspiration, also known as evaporative body cooling. But when the outside environment is too humid and/or hot to allow your body to naturally get rid of internal heat, not only are you incredibly uncomfortable, but there can be health issues associated with overheating.

Because 90 percent of the human body’s total heat is produced and held in the torso by the major organs and muscle groups, Glacier Tek’s vest cooling system decreases your core temperature when the environment doesn’t allow your body to do so naturally. By maintaining a temperature of 59℉ for up to 2.5 hours, your core stays cool enough to minimize overheating without being too cold, which can cause skin irritation and ice burns.

GlacierPacks are cooling packs powered by PureTemp, a biobased phase change material that carries the USDA Certified BioPreferred label.

Phase Change

Phase change materials are important in the use of Glacier Tek’s cooling vests because they provide long-lasting cooling without the potential negative effects associated with cold-induced injuries when a pack is frozen to 32℉. Additionally, GlacierPacks have been shown to accelerate recovery after eccentric exercise in recreational athletes and after games in professional soccer players.

Supreme Cooling TECH

Our bio-based PureTemp phase change cooling packs can be recharged in just 20 minutes when submerged in ice and water, and provide up to 2.5 hours of cooling relief.

Breathable Material

Each vest is made of soft, high-quality material that stretches to comfortably fit the body and breathes, even when worn under PPE or outerwear.

Handles Extreme Heats

Whether in a poorly air-conditioned room or outside in an extreme environment, Glacier Tek’s cooling vests work to keep you comfortably cool.

Our Product Range

The Glacier Tek Difference:

While other vest cooling systems rely on paraffin-based PCMs, ice or frozen gel packs that solidify at 32℉ or getting the product soaking wet, our GlacierPacks are innovative, non-toxic and comfortable cooling technology.

  • GlacierPacks are a non-toxic, paraffin-free, biobased phase change material
  • Our phase change material has been USDA Certified BioPreferredⓇ label, meaning it’s completely safe for the wearer and the environment
  • GlacierPacks maintain a temperature of 59℉ for up to 2.5 hours
  • While GlacierPacks may give off some condensation, most of it is absorbed by the vest, keeping the wearer comfortable and dry
  • Laboratory testing has shown consistent, repeatable performance over thousands of melting-solidification cycles
  • GlacierPacks are thinner than ice packs so our vests can be easily worn under clothing
  • Glacier Tek vests weigh less than competitors at around 5 pounds, including the GlacierPacks
  • Our vests don’t require air to run over them, so they work even under clothing or when you aren’t moving
  • Our vests work in both dry and humid climates


Ready to find the Glacier Tek cooling vest that works for your needs? With our wide range of vest cooling systems for adults, children, dogs and horses, we’re sure to have a solution.

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