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Glacier Tek & the National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Our combined resources are here to provide you assistance with health-related questions, recommendations, or ordering your cooling vest

NMSS Navigators work directly with Glacier Tek to purchase cooling vests/accessories on their patients behalf!

If you are looking to procure a Glacier Tek cooling vest/accessory through the NMSS organization, we advise that you reach out to them directly for assistance in placing an order through Glacier Tek. The NMSS organization's guide to finding cooling vests is available here:
NMSS Vendor List

For more information on the NMSS Organization and direct links to their helpful recources, please check out the following information below:

If you or someone you care for is dealing with MS, we strongly recommend checking out their available resources at and more specifically, looking into their suggestions at

If you are managing a medical condition such as multiple sclerosis, it is great to have help from experts and others who can provide advice or even direct care in managing the symptoms of those conditions! The NMSS has a wonderful program available that features MS Navigators, persons who work directly with MS patients to navigate any available options or therapies that could be beneficial for the end user. Contacting them can be done here:

"I have MS and heat DESTROYS me. But the Flex Vest brought this wilting flower (me) back to life! It’s my own personal cooling system"

—Fran S., Minnesota, USA.

NMSS Navigators are available to provide assistance!

The National MS Society has a fantastic support team known as Navigators! They work directly with MS patients to be a reliable advisor, helping answer questions across a wide range of MS-related inquiries. Use the links available in the section above to visit the NMSS website, and get in touch with a MS Navigator.

NMSS Order Process for Patients

A great benefit that Glacier Tek has been able to provide in collaboration with the MS Navigators is the availability of cooling vests/accessories on the behalf of MS patients. NMSS Navigators work directly with their patient to help determine their needs, and then send their order request directly to Glacier Tek for immediate fulfillment! This streamlined process has made requesting products a very simple and straightforward process for users.

Our Entire Product Collection, Plus Recommendations

In an effort to make all of our cooling vests and accessories as easily available as possible, we've extended the NMSS discount on all of our products without exception. You'll find recommended vests and accessories in the collection below!