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Side Cooling Kit (Standard)


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Vest Compatibility

The (Standard) Side Cooling Kit works with the following Glacier Tek vest styles: Sports, Classic/Safety, Original (includes Concealable and High-Vis styles)

Extended-Size Compatibility

Extender kits add width to the maximum fit size of vests, so the (Standard) Side Cooling Kit will not work with them. If you need an Extended vest size along with Side Cooling, check out the (Extended) Side Cooling Kit

Stay Cool, Not Cold

Ice-powered cooling vests and packs can freeze skin upon contact, and will melt more quickly due to their greater temperature difference. PCM-powered cooling packs stay at a safe 59°F and will last longer than ice-cold alternatives.

The following items are included in a Side Cooling Kit (Standard):

  • Qty 2 Side Sleeves
  • Qty 4 2-cell Standard Cooling Packs

Product Materials:

  • Side sleeves are made with 100% nylon fabric
  • Cooling packs contain a non-hazardous and bio-degradable PCM, the Safety Data Sheet can be found here

Product Measurements:

  • 2-cell Standard Cooling Packs measure 5.5" x 5.5"
  • Side Sleeves measure 7.5" x 6.5"

Product Weights:

  • 0.5 lbs per each Side Sleeve with cooling pack insert
  • 1 lb total product weight

  • Additional Product Features
    • Cooling Packs recharge within 30 minutes when placed directly in ice water; 1-2 hours in a freezer or refridgerator
    • Dry and clean, materials are not soggy and soaking wet like evaporative products
    • Maintains a comfortable 59°F / 15°C, none of the dangerous freezing temperatures that ice-powered vests produce
    • Easy to remove and adhere to vests

Our customers asked for it, so we made it! Introducing the Glacier Tek Side Cooling Kit (Standard)

This accessory integrates seamlessly with the design, fit and finish of the Glacier Tek's available cooling vests. Seriously, it’s almost as if kindred spirits were reunited after being separated at birth - not only is this a true bolt-on accessory that integrates like a dream, the way that it applies cooling packs to the sides of the torso adds coverage to one of the most sensitive areas on the body! Are you prepared to be cool?

For more than two decades Glacier Tek’s cooling technology has focused on reducing operating temps for critical components of the core body. After receiving countless requests, we've been hard at work to offer new solutions for cooling the entire torso - so check out our newest features that include the Side Cooling Kit (Standard) as well as our Side Cooling Kit (Extended) and Over-the-Shoulder Cooling Kit