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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
John Humbert
Thus vest is cool!

I tested this flex vest several times now. I like the snug fit. The PCM pack freeze quickly in refrigerator or cooler with a bit of ice. It takes awhile for the cooling effect to start. Better with this vest worn next to skin. Effect is significantly reduced if wearing over a cotton t shirt. Better over thin nylon shirt, but best worn under shirt. Packs are thin, which is good for comfort but don’t last very long. Expect about 2 hours before cooling is ineffective. I got a spare set of packs, but a pain to change out when wearing under other shirt. Packs will refreeze in cooler amazingly fast (15 minutes) in a cooler with just cool water.

Great Vest

This vest has a great fit, very stretchy and fits snug against the body. I was worried it would be too big for my small 11 year old but the size S works great. He is not able to sweat so wears a cooling vest for gym class and any other times he is active or in warm weather. He loves the style and it does keep him cooler than his previous vest, however, the pockets for the cooling packs do not secure at the top so he is constantly having the cooling packs slipping out during activity. I will be adding some velcro to help keep things in place. Otherwise an overall great vest. I appreciate the option of something a little more "stylish" for people that need them for everyday activities.

Anthony Carrillo
Back in the gym with Flex Vest

I contacted Glacier Tek directly and I was welcomed by Zack Best. He was very professional and listened to my concerns and about injuries that I had sustained in the past. I have been a strength athlete for over 20 years and I was hurt pretty severely at the end of 2015. I was hospitalized and a part of my condition today that I have to avoid is overheating. Living in Florida does not make it easy. I researched these vests and with the help of Zack Best I am back in the gym with my vest five days a week. It has been a lifesaver! I recommend this vest and whole heartedly believe in the company. Thanks again Zack! I will refer you and your company to anyone who asks or needs relief from the heat.

Durreen Shahnaz
Stylish and functional

I ordered this vest for my 12-year-old daughter who has ichthyosis and does not sweat. She likes that the vest is stylish. The vest is also more comfortable than other models because it uses a larger number of smaller ice packs, which makes it fit better.

Wayne Keller
Works good

I have MS, This helps me a lot. Thank you.