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Gellé vests are now available at the Glacier Tek store!

Production for the 2022 Season is underway, but we're making the inventory available immediately as we stock up.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Susan C
So far so good

I’ve only used it once but I liked it and it does what they say it does. The vest is pretty thin and the cooling packs are too so it’s not overly bulky. When I had it on it helped keep me comfortable. I work outside in the Phoenix AZ area and we get a lot of sun and heat so this vest for me is going to help keep me from getting heat stroke (I hope, lol). We are now getting into our cooler season so I really won’t get the chance to really see how it works until late Feb or March but I like it so far

Rob Morton
Fantastic on a hot day!

I ordered the Sport Vests for my field crews - we run an HVAC related thermal storage business in Southern California, and it gets hot on the roof. However, I took one of the vests to the racetrack immediately upon receipt. The temp was 106 deg and brutally sunny. I charged the packs by dropping into my ice cooler and 10 minutes later donned the vest and was amazed! These really do a wonderful job of cooling the body and core. Absolutely a great product and I recommend for anyone who is working or playing in the heat. It helps keep you cool and seems to reduce the heat fatigue that typically hits you after several hours out in the heat.

Great product!

I wish I'd bought this years ago!

Wow. I am pleased, impressed, and thoroughly happy with my Glacier Tek Sport Vest. I'm 64 years old, overweight, and live in the Arkansas Delta. In July and August we frequently have days between 95 and 100 degrees with 60% humidity, making for a heat index exceeding 120 degrees. In addition I am blessed with acreage around my home that must be mowed weekly, and it takes me about 6 to 7 hours on a tractor. Also, about twice a Summer I have to trim the property with a weedeater, and that takes about 4 hours. Until now, either one of those activities left me soaking wet, hot, dehydrated, and drained. It was usually all I could do just to make it in the house, take a shower, and lay on the bed or couch for the rest of the evening resting and cooling off. Not to mention the next day I was still tired. I wore my Sport Vest two weekends ago when I first got it, to run the weedeater for 4 hours in 97 degree weather. The vest worked GREAT! I remained very comfortable for about 3 hours, came in, switched out the ice packs, and went back to work. At the end of the day, I was tired from all the walking and and carrying the weedeater, but I didn't feel nearly as tired as I normally would. Last weekend I mowed for 6 hours straight in 96 degree temperatures. Again, I felt very comfortable and switched out the ice packs after 3 hours and went back to work for 3 more hours. Amazingly, at the end of the day last Saturday, I wasn't hot, tired, as sweaty as usual, or feeling exhausted. I actually sat outside for a while, went in to take a shower, and had a relaxing evening. The next day I didn't feel tired at all. I must admit that before buying the Glacier Tek vest I was a little bit skeptical about just how well it would work, but now I'm sold. It definitely works and makes a huge difference in my overall comfort and health. You still feel the heat obviously, and are aware that it is hot., but the vest keeps your core so cool, that it has a tremendous affect on the rest of your body. I wish I'd bought it years ago, and I will never go another Summer without it. That being said, let me talk about how well the vest is made. The outer material is very durable, wears well, and is easy to clean in the washer. The inner lining with the pockets for the ice packs is soft and well made. The ice packs fit very snugly, and I was worried about tearing the stitching loose while trying to work the ice packs in place. But the lining material and the stitching is top quality, and after wearing the vest twice, and filling and refilling the pockets 4 times, there are no signs of wear, tear, or loose stitching. The front zipper is heavy duty plastic and works smoothly. I was also impressed by how quickly and easily the ice packs "freeze". I don't know what they contain exactly, but they "freeze" solid at a higher temperature than is required by normal water, thus they will activate and "freeze" very easily by just placing them in the refrigerator for an hour. And lastly, as I noted early on, I am overweight and a big guy. I have a 55 in. chest and a 55 in. waist. So I purchased the extenders for the side of the vest to make sure it would fit. Surprisingly I did not need them. The vest easily has enough adjustment to fit me or someone smaller. So overall, this is one of the best purchases I have ever made. I have told everyone I talk to about it, and would recommend it to anyone that has to work in hot conditions for extended periods of time.

Whats that thing your wearing.

This is what I heard when I wore my vest to work. Its hot and a physically demanding job. I wore it for a week and the temperature dropped enough that I didn't need it.
I had planned on also using it for working around the yard on hot days too. So after pruning I was picking up the stuff and throwing it in the trailer, dumping it. I was too sweaty and remembered the cool vest. Put it on, did the same work. Wasn't sweaty anymore. I wasn't exactly cool either but I wasn't sweating like a pig like before, wasn't sweating at all. The difference was HUGE.
Also I developed a problem with the vest. they sent me a replacement very quickly. Excellent customer relations.

Summer V.
Bought as a gift

Item works great at keeping my father cool in the heat. Highly satisfied.