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Disposable Vest (5-Pack)


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Disposable Vests for Reusable Cooling Packs

The 5-pack of Disposable vests may be disposed of after use. A Pack Set for Disposable Vests is reusable - just like our other cooling packs.

The following items are included in a 5-Pack of Disposable Vests:

  • Qty 5 Glacier Tek Disposable Vests

Glacier Tek's Disposable Cool Vest is ideal for harsh environments and can be worn under chemical suits, Tyvek® protective suits or other personal protective equipment. A disposable vest may be used more than once unless soiled or damaged.

This is a set of 5 replacement vests only. Cooling packs are NOT included. Cooling packs for Disposable vests are sold separately, and the Disposable Cooling Vest Set includes both the vests and cooling packs as a full set.