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Our End-of-Summer Sale is Available Now!

Save up to $40 on varieties of Banox, Sport, and Flex vest sets
Gellé vests are now available at the Glacier Tek store!

Production for the 2022 Season is underway, but we're making the inventory available immediately as we stock up.

Disposable Vest (5-Pack)


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Disposable Vests for Reusable Cooling Packs

The 5-pack of Disposable vests may be disposed of after use. A Pack Set for Disposable Vests is reusable - just like our other cooling packs.

The following items are included in a 5-Pack of Disposable Vests:

  • Qty 5 Glacier Tek Disposable Vests

Glacier Tek's Disposable Cool Vest is ideal for harsh environments and can be worn under chemical suits, Tyvek® protective suits or other personal protective equipment. A disposable vest may be used more than once unless soiled or damaged.

This is a set of 5 replacement vests only. Cooling packs are NOT included. Cooling packs for Disposable vests are sold separately, and the Disposable Cooling Vest Set includes both the vests and cooling packs as a full set.