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Pack Set for Disposable Vest


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Reusable Cooling Packs, Disposable Vests

The Pack Set for Disposable Vests is reusable - just like our other cooling packs. The vests themselves may be disposed of after use, and the cooling packs can be wiped down to provide an entirely clean cooling solution for the next user.

The following items are included in an Disposable Cooling Pack Set:

  • Mesh bag for securing and transporting cooling packs

  • Qty 4 3-cell Strip of Cooling Packs
    • 3-cell Strip cooling packs measure 18" x 5.25" x 0.5"
    • 20 oz per 3-cell Strip of cooling packs

  • 5 lbs total product weight

Glacier Tek Disposable Cooling Packs are compatible with the following vests:

  • Disposable vests

Glacier Tek Disposable Cooling Packs are not compatible with the following vests:

  • Flex vests
  • Children's vests
  • Chilly Dog vests
  • Sports vests
  • Banox vests
  • Classic/Safety vests
  • Original/High-Visibility vests
  • Concealable vests

How do Disposable Cooling Packs charge?:

Cooling packs can achieve a full charge with various methods

  • Full charge within 30 minutes when submerged into ice-water in a sink, cooler, etc
  • Full charge within 1 hour when placed in a freezer
  • Full charge within 1-2 hours when placed in a refridgerator

How to use Disposable Cooling Packs (in a Cooling Vest):

The Disposable Cooling Vest features a wide, side-loading pocket on the front and back of the vest. Simply slide a cooling pack strip into the pocket until it is contained within said pocket. 

How to Clean Cooling Packs:

GlacierPacks can be hand-washed with warm water and dish soap. If desired, isopropyl alcohol may be used for disinfection. Rinse and towel dry before use.

How to Store Cooling Packs (for Long-Term Storage):

  • A cool, dry space such as a pantry or dry storage is the ideal area to store cooling packs for weeks/months at a time.
  • Long-term storage in a freezer can degrade the pliability of plastic over time, which makes the cooling packs more vulnerable to leaking and damage to the plastic that contains the cooling gel.
  • We recommend considering long-term storage for any non-use period greater than 3-4 weeks.

Safety Information:

Our PureTemp 18 SDS can be found here, which details the non-hazardous material enclosed within our GlacierPacks.