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Booster Pack Set for Extended Cooling


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The following items are included in a Booster Pack Set:

  • Qty 4 3-cell Booster Cooling Packs
    • 3-cell cooling packs measure 8.75" x 5.25" x 0.5"
    • 7 oz per 3-cell cooling pack
    • 1.75 lbs total product weight

Glacier Tek Booster Packs are compatible with the following vests:

  • Sports vests
  • Banox vests
  • Classic/Safety vests
  • Original/High-Visibility vests
  • Concealable vests

Glacier Tek Booster Packs are not compatible with the following vests:

  • Flex vests
  • Disposable vests
  • Children's vests
  • Chilly Dog vests

How do Booster Packs work?:

Booster packs are designed to complement standard cooling packs by extending the duration that they last per charge. It does so by having a lower operating temperature than standard packs, so the fully-charged booster pack will actually charge a standard pack when they are paired together!

How do Booster Packs charge?:

In order to achieve their lower temperature, Booster packs must be charged in a freezer. In a typical freezer unit Booster packs should charge fully within 30 minutes, and in any below-freezing environment 1 hour is long enough to guarantee a full charge.

How to use Booster Packs (in a Cooling Vest):

To use a Booster pack, slide one of the standard four-cell packs into each pocket of the vest. Then slide one of the three-cell booster packs in each pocket, on the outer side of the four-cell pack. You want the four-cell packs closer to your body; they hold a comfortable temperature of around 59 degrees F. The green booster packs are much colder; they're designed to keep the inner packs cool (without making you too cold) for longer periods.

And last but not least - because the 3-cell Booster pack replaces a Standard 3-cell pack, there's no additional weight added to a vest when using a Booster pack set!

How to Clean Cooling Packs:

GlacierPacks can be hand-washed with warm water and dish soap. If desired, isopropyl alcohol may be used for disinfection. Rinse and towel dry before use.

How to Store Cooling Packs (for Long-Term Storage):

  • A cool, dry space such as a pantry or dry storage is the ideal area to store cooling packs for weeks/months at a time.
  • Long-term storage in a freezer can degrade the pliability of plastic over time, which makes the cooling packs more vulnerable to leaking and damage to the plastic that contains the cooling gel.
  • We recommend considering long-term storage for any non-use period greater than 3-4 weeks.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Great addition

The new booster packs really do help with extending the length of time between recharges with the standard cooling packs. Keep in mind that you do need to recharge these in the freezer vs just ice water or fridge. If you have access to a freezer throughout the day - it would be an ideal setup because you will save time having to swap packs as often. I use these when working in the yard or if I know I won't need to swap packs through-out the day, but still would like to keep the cooling packs solid for a longer time.

I especially like the new design with multiple cells in a single cooling pack. This is great if you are bending over, laying down, crawling through attics, etc. etc.

The booster packs are really nice to allow you wear less standard packs and use the booster packs to keep the standard pack in "ice" form for longer. The idea is not to stay super cold, but rather to maintain a more stable temperature and not overheat. These definitely do the job for me!

These packs are too tall for the flex-vest, but fit my sport vest wonderfully!

Thank you guys for a great product and helping keep me cool!