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Customer Reviews

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Cynthia Philip
chillydog cool vest

I love it. It keeps at a steady temperature for a long time and doesn't "burn" my dog's skin, like ice would. I want one for myself!
The one thing I do not like is that the straps are not sewn all the way. The middle strap is only sewn on one side so the straps are constantly getting twisted.

COL Steve Richards
Chillydog Cool Vest

My wife and I are donating two of the cooling vest to our local police department for their K9s. They will be presented at the Hanahan City Council on 13 June.

Stay cool

Product was a bit heavy and large. Should have a size smaller than medium and large. Works well.

Hated that I had to return...

The measurements of the vest were an inch longer than what was posted on the site (7 inches as opposed to the posted 6). I have an average sized French Bulldog and it was too long for his torso.

Elderly dog

My elderly black lab struggles in the summer heat, but needs her daily exercise. This vest has been perfect for her. The first time we put it on, she sighed in relief - the cooling gels feel so good to her - and we can now take nice, safe walks around the neighborhood. She's noticeably more comfortable on our walks and her recovery time is better afterwards, too.

The orange has been great for twilight walks when we need a little more visibility.