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Sport Vest Extender Set


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Adds 12" to a Vest's Maximum Chest & Waist Measurement

Extender straps can be added to both sides of the vest, providing an additional 6" each. The maximum Chest/Waist measurement for the Sports vest with an Extender Set is 58"

Made for the Sports Vest

This Extender Set is compatible with the Sports Vest

Also Available with Cooling Packs

The brand-new Side Cooling Kit (Extended) is a combination of this extender set and a sleeve that carries cool packs, adding cooling comfort to your vest.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
David Elliott
Heat related MS set backs

I purchased my Vest to allow me to be able to garden for longer periods. I have MS and heat wipes me out. I’ve gone from being able to be out in the Alabama heat and humidity for only 30 minutes to two hours wearing my GlacierTek. I ordered a second set of cooling packs after seeing how well it maintained its cooling abilities. Thank you for your product! It has improved my quality of life. The extender set made fit more adjustable, I’m 6’5” so I use them on the shoulder straps rather than my waist strap. David


I am a beekeeper and being a large man I get so hot in my be suit. I was getting so hot I was about to give it up. I thought I would give a cool vest a shot and from what I read it was the best. I am happy I did as this works GREAT keeps me cool. Even when I think I am hot I reach in a feel my skin and it has a nice cool feel. Now I will not suit up without it... I just wish they made one for the top of the head.