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Our End-of-Summer Sale is Available Now!

Save up to $40 on varieties of Banox, Sport, and Flex vest sets
Gellé vests are now available at the Glacier Tek store!

Production for the 2022 Season is underway, but we're making the inventory available immediately as we stock up.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
David Doyle
Great Vest

The vest allows me to spend time outdoors during hot weather. My MS symptoms get really bad during hot weather. The vest allows me to spend time outdoors. Love it.

Diana Olsem
Great vest!

Wore vest on 90 degree day working outside and it kept me nice and cool. Also the ice packs freeze up quickly when needed. Wish the straps pulled the vest tighter to body. Being smaller frame, it would be nice to have shorter straps so I can pull the vest closer to my body and feel the ice more. Great vest and will wear often!

John Baz-Dresch

Have not used it. Has not been hot enough. Much rain last week, this week, and into next week.

George Lopez
Couldn't work without it

Live in Las Vegas area and have been dealing with high temperatures (105 to 110) and unusually high humidity ranging from 30 to 60 percent. My vest has proven itself to keep me comfortable. Couldn't work without it. Thank you.

Oliver Johnson
Dad's outdoors again

This vest has enabled my Dad, who has problems with heat, to re-enter the outdoors! Thanks! Order and delivery were ahead of industry standard!