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Adult (Men's)

Life doesn’t stop when the temperature climbs.  Glacier Tek’s men’s cooling vests keep you cool, calm, and comfortable.  

Our PureTemp phase change biobased material maintains a comfortable 59 degrees for up to 2.5 hours.  By keeping your core cool, you lessen the chance of heat related injury.  And because our cooling vest won’t over cool you like ice packs and work without airflow, they are perfect for concealing under clothing, costumes, and protective outerwear.

See for yourself how much of a change Glacier Tek cooling vests can make in your life and find out why our satisfied repeat customers include Dow Chemical, General Mills, Kaiser Permanente, and the FBI!

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Styles for Men's Cooling Vests
A Quick Guide To What You're Looking For

Sport Vest Set

Product Focus - Design & Functionality:
Adjustable Fit
Engineered for physical activity and significant movement
Lightweight design to avoid affecting movement or performance
Cooling elements are placed strategically to maximize surface area and heat absorption

Ideal Use Cases:
Outdoor Sports
Hiking or cardio-focused activity with extended exposure
Training with additional weight

Banox® FR3-Rated Vest Set

Product Focus - Materials and Durability
Adjustable Fit
Constructed with Banox® fabric, providing additional flame resistance
Reinforced design to reduce environmental damage
Buckles replace Velcro to further reduce interactions with environment

Ideal Use Cases:
Industrial Environments
Manufacturing & Fabrication
HVAC & Construction

High-Visibility Vest Set

Product Focus - Visibility and Safety
Adjustable Fit
High-Visibility Reflective Materials
Bright Colors & Reflective Strips
Material placement maximizes compatibility with OSHA requirements

Ideal Use Cases:
Construction Sites
Roadside Work
Logistics & Warehouse Operations
Poorly-Lit Environments

Flex Vest Set

Product Focus - Comfort and Regular Use
Made to Size (S - 3XL)
Ideal for Extended Use, Indoor and/or Everyday
Extremely flexible, lightweight fabric
Modular design allows for removal of packs for specific areas if necessary
Designed to look more like casual clothing

Ideal Use Cases:
Indoor Spaces
Professional Spaces
Hospitals or Medical Service Providers
Managing Heat-Related Conditions

Concealable Vest Set

Product Focus - Limiting Fabric and Profile
Adjustable Fit
Neutral Colors
Limited profile
Higher cut (will not cover stomach, wears more like football padding vs hockey padding)

Ideal Use Cases:
Similar to Sport Vest, but with lower profile
Great for Motorcycles and Cycling

What Makes Our Men's Cooling Vests the Best Available?
How An American Small Business Goes Above And Beyond The Competition

Innovative Cooling Technology

GlacierTek vests use Renewable Phase Change Material (RPCM) which maintains a comfortable 59°F (15°C) temperature for up to 2.5 hours in hot conditions.
This technology is designed to mimic the body's natural cooling process, providing a consistent and effective cooling effect without overcooling.

Variety of Options

The collection offers a wide range of vests tailored to different needs and preferences:
sporty designs for active use, high-visibility vests for safety, classic designs in various colors for everyday comfort, and even a concealable vest for discreet cooling under regular clothing.

Adjustability for Perfect Fit  

Many of the vests feature adjustable components, such as side straps, to ensure a snug and comfortable fit.
This adjustability enhances the cooling efficiency and makes the vests suitable for various body shapes and sizes.

Quality Materials 

The vests are made from high-quality, durable materials designed to withstand rigorous use and provide long-lasting comfort and cooling.
The attention to detail in the construction and material selection further underscores their commitment to quality.

Ease of Use 

The cooling packs in the vests are easy to activate and recharge, making them convenient for daily use.
The simplicity of reactivating the cooling technology ensures that users can maintain optimal temperature regulation without significant downtime.


The vests are versatile enough to be used across a wide range of activities, from outdoor work and sports to everyday use in hot climates.
This versatility ensures that users can enjoy the benefits of cooling technology in nearly any situation.

Safety and Visibility

The high-visibility options underscore GlacierTek’s commitment to safety, making these vests ideal for use in environments where being seen is crucial.

FAQ About Men's Cooling Vests
Getting to Know Your Vest

How Do Glacier Tek Cooling Vests Work?

GlacierTek vests use cooling packs that absorb heat away from the body, helping to maintain a comfortable temperature for the wearer.
These cooling packs can be recharged in a refrigerator, or most quickly when placed directly in ice water.

How Heavy are the Vests?

The Glacier Tek Vests are designed to be lightweight, our typical vests max out at around 5lbs when fully loaded.

Can the Cooling Packs be Replaced?

The cYes, the cooling packs used in Glacier Tek Vests are modular and replaceable.
You can swap out cooling packs as needed at anytime.

Are Glacier Tek Vests Suitable for Use in All Climates?

The While Glacier Tek Vests are most beneficial in warm environments, they can be used to reduce heat stress or fatigue in almost any use case.

How Long do the Cooling Effects Last?

The duration of standard cooling packs when tested in a stable environment is approximately 2.5 hours.
External temperatures combined with individual exertion will then affect the longevity of that vest, typical users still see several hours of cooling.
HVAC and more extreme environments can expect a turnaround closer to 90 minutes - 
cooling packs can be recharged in 30 minutes when placed in ice water, allowing users to overcome even the most severe environments by rotating cooling packs.