Hospitals and medical professionals

      "We use Flex Vests in our COVID unit to cool down while we take PPE breaks and rehydrate in our break room. When this is all over the vests will go to Nebraska Med's famous biocontainment unit for our nursing staff to wear under the moon suits while they take care of patients with more infectious diseases like Ebola."
      Brett Masterson
      Patient Care Technician
      Nebraska Medical Center

In the age of COVID-19, discomfort from overheating is an on-the-job reality for many health care professionals. Whether you’re a surgeon, nurse, primary care physician or physician assistant, heat stress can sap energy, cloud judgment and affect patient outcomes, particularly in facilities with inefficient air-conditioning systems or at outdoor coronavirus test sites. 

When health care professionals stay calm and focused, good things happen. Glacier Tek’s lightweight cooling vests can help you maintain peak mental and physical performance. The vests sustain a cool — but not cold — temperature, using a biobased cooling material that’s more effective than ice. Three Glacier Tek vests are of particular interest to medical professionals: the Flex Vest, the Sports Vest and the Disposable Vest. All can be worn under PPE. See below for full list of vests and spare cooling packs. 

We are committed to filling medical orders as quickly as possible, with delivery within days, not weeks. Corporate discounts, volume pricing and sample vests are available. Please contact us to discuss which vest is right for your needs.

Health care professionals